Print-Rite dye-based ink | Brilliant color, excellent light fastness!
Date: 2021-05-31
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With the rapid growth of E-commerce, people are becoming more used to online purchasing. Everyone is busy preparing their stock for the upcoming June shopping season, did you have nice cartoon design for packaging? 

How to differentiate your product from the competition, leaving a high-end impression on customers? The answer lies in brilliant and eye-catching color!

Print-Rite dye-based ink for corrugated paper offer brilliant color, accurate color reproduction with good tinting strength, combines with high speed digital printers to give you ultra-precise results. Print-Rite ink will revolutionize the packaging industry as there are an increasing demand on carton box decorating


Superior ink Quality

For Exquisite Printing

▼ Carton Manufacturing process▼

🔳 Application

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