Print-Rite I3200 pigment ink for book production
Date: 2021-08-24
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##What’s the difference between I3200 and TFP


high-speed printing 

higher efficiency



Compared with Epson's TFP phs, I3200 have larger amount of nozzles, this advantage allows ink to perform in high speed mode and improve efficiency

Robust printhead


Cost Reduction

I3200 printhead is cheaper and also enjoy longer lifecycle compared TFP printhead; the Chinese integrated printer with I3200 phs are also of lower price than Japanese OEM. In conclusion, Choose I3200 phs in book production will greatly lower your production cost

## Advantage of Print-Rite ink ##

Suitable for multiple substrate

Versatile Print-Rite pigment ink:

inks produce quick drying graphics that bond aggressively and offers precise lines and crisp text

Other high-end ink:

Longer dry time leads to unwanted misting and feathering, misalignment and poor crock fastness

Tested on 150g uncoated art paper

PR ink: brilliant and sharp image

Competitor A: unpleasant ink conglomeration and permeation

PR ink

Competitor A


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