Universal UV curable ink for EPSON T3200 printhead, Certified by OEM
Date: 2022-08-16
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On August, 2021, the FY21 Epson Print Head Partner Annual Conference was held in Yunnan, Print-Rite, as its FY21 Annual Strategic Partner, was invited to attend this ceremony for joint communication, exploration of opportunity in wider-format printing market in 2022

For wide-format printer manufacturers, the seamless integration of printhead with ink are indispensable. As a collaborative partner with major OEM in the past decades, Print-Rite dedicate to provide safe to printhead inks that tailor for customer demands.

PrintRite's ink for Epson I3200/ S3200/ T3200 phs have passed the strict test set by Epson official and proved to compatible with these Epson phs.

What’s more, Print-Rite UV curable ink for T3200 phs are the first compatible ink that  by printer integrator and major electronic system manufacturers.

· Compatibility with various printhead ·

Printing result

offers Precision Droplet Control for outstanding photographic images with vibrant colours, intense blacks, sharp contours, precise lines and crisp text.

Performance test


Color fastness

PrinRite's R&D center have collective and advanced testing instrunments following ISO industrial standard to ensure fastness meets requirement of users.

*Above is result of repeat dry/wet rubbing 500gx200 times



Test inks' adhesiveness and hardness were tested on different substrates and reach up to 5 garde according ISO standard.



Fold twice on different substrates, no signs of wrinkle and cracking.

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